The Seasonal Human Resource Association

Does your operation have seasonal employees (and/or volunteers?) Are you responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, on-boarding, coaching, supporting, and motivating these employees? Or, perhaps all of these things, along with employee housing, recreation, transportation, communication and more? You’re not alone !

KevinMegKelcyThese roles and topics unite the Seasonal HR Association together, with a network of professionals across the country, in national parks, destination resorts, ski areas and more.

“Human Resource Professionals are constantly being inundated with invitations to attend conferences, seminars, and trainings. It can be difficult to sort through the barrage of information and select the best ones. If you’re in the seasonal HR industry you need not look any further! The Seasonal Human Resource Association (SHRA) is the best, most helpful, and most fantastic and fun seasonal HR training you could possibly attend! Over my seven year tenure with SHRA, I gained countless helpful skills and had access to information and trainings designed specifically for professionals in the seasonal HR world.”
– Joe A, former HR Director, YMCA of the Rockies

SHRAGroupShot2013Share with others who understand, who have the same challenges, the same questions, and sometimes even the answers! Participate in educational sessions, professional growth opportunities, best practices, and round table/networking opportunities, in a beautiful setting and with an agenda that speaks your language. Laugh, learn, listen, share, reflect and refresh.

Welcome to SHRA ! The 28th Annual Conference will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona at The Saguaro Resort, October 23 – 27, 2016. We’re updating details every day! Check out this great teaser of Things to Do in Scottsdale.

Learn more – join us! Check out the Seasonal HR Blog and stay connected.