The 26th Annual Seasonal Human Resource Association Conference

The 26th Annual Seasonal Human Resource Association Conference will be held

November 2 – 6, 2014

at The Roche Harbor Resort, San Juan Island, Washington

We welcome you to learn more about the conference, registration and the Seasonal HR Association, and to join us as we gather for our annual event.

Does your operation have seasonal employees (and/or volunteers?) Are you responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, onboarding, coaching, supporting, and motivating these employees? Or, perhaps all of these things, along with employee housing, recreation, transportation, communication and more? You’re not alone !

These roles and topics unite the Seasonal HR Association together, with a network of professionals across the country, in national parks, in resorts, ski areas and more.

Share with others who understand, who have the same challenges, the same questions, and sometimes even the answers! Participate in educational sessions, professional growth opportunities, best practices, and round table/networking opportunities, in a beautiful setting and with an agenda that speaks your language. Laugh, learn, listen, share, reflect and refresh.




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